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Hotel Bahia Huatulco beach vacations


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Great Location
Chahué Commercial Zone

The location of the hotel is essential in the planning of your travel, whether they are vacations or a business trip, the ideal option is always the best-located hotel.

We are located in a privileged zone, the Chahué Commercial Zone is known for being in the touristic zone near to several attractive places.

Playa Chahué
Playa Santa Cruz
Downtown area
Convenience stores
Restaurants, clubs and bars
Main dock
Recreational Parks

Very close to the Sea

One of the most renowned and visited beach, is the Chahué one. Located only 5 minutes away from the Hotel Bahía Huatulco, you will be able to travel through its characteristic lighthouse and appreciate the attractive scenarios that inspire you to relax.

Walk on the sand, feel the foam of the sea and discover a beach certified with the Blue Flag distinctive.

We are the first 3-star hotel...

The “S” Distinctive is a recognition that guarantees the use of sustainable procedures within our facilities. Our staff works to give the best experience to each guest based in the environmental management system called EarthCheck. Because of this, a sustainable development is promoted as well as the protection of the environment, the beaches and the touristic activities
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A Green Certified Destination...

Huatulco has received a large number of certificates and badges that have made it an international tourist destination, attracting tourists from all over the world.

Today it has the EarthCheck Platinum 2017 certification, the Blue Flag award since 2013, the Playas Limpias certification in 2 of its beaches, the S Distinctive and has the recognition of Ramsar Site, Biosphere Reserve and its Huatulco National Park.

Our location

Huatulco is in the coasts of the state of Oaxaca, to the south of Mexico, where the Paradise is united with the Pacific Ocean to discover virgin beaches and an enviable tropical weather.