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Hotel Bahia Huatulco beach vacations

Cancelation and Booking

To book a stay in Hotel Bahía Huatulco, it is necessary to send a booking request through the Booking Form on our website or through telephone call at 01 958 587 1464 and give us all your information so that our Booking Staff can confirm your reservation.

Sending a Booking Form through our website is not a confirmation of your reservation, so if you do not receive a call or a follow-up email from our staff, we would like to ask you to communicate directly to the phone number 01 958 587 1464 to provide your information so our Booking Staff can confirm your reservation.

Any change or cancelation to your reservation will have to be requested directly to the Reservations department at 01 958 587 1464, at least 7 days before your arrival to the hotel, giving all your confirmation information.

During the month of December, holy week and Easter, any change or cancelation will have to be requested with at least 20 days of anticipation before the date of your arrival to the hotel by giving all your confirmation information. For more information about the dates of holy week and Easter, ask directly to the Reservations department at 01 958 587 1464.

For more information or questions about the Policies of Hotel Bahía, please contact us at the email: info@hotelbahiahuatulco.com

Privacy Notice

Updated as of December 2017

Average time of reading: 2 min. 25 sec

This document describes the way in which we collect and use the personal information that you give us. It also describes what type of information it is and what options you have to limit the use of said information, as well as the procedures to exercise your rights ARCO.

1) Responsible for the protection of personal information

The responsible for the protection of your personal information is Mr. Victor Hugo Martinez Orozco from Hotel Bahía Huatulco, with address in Blvd. Benito Juárez Mz. 2, Lot 7, Sector P, Bahía de Chahué, Sta. Cruz Huatulco, Bahías de Huatulco, Oaxaca, México, CP. 70989, who is responsable for the use of your personal information.

2) Data protection Department

Chief of the department: Victor Hugo Martínez Orozco
Address: Blvd. Benito Juárez M-2 L-7 Sector P Bahía de Chahué, Sta. Cruz Huatulco Bahías de Huatulco, Oaxaca, México. CP 70989
Email: hotelbahiahuatulco@hotmail.com
Telephone: (958) 587 1464

3) Why do we collect and what do we do with your personal information?

Your personal information will be used to provide you the requested and/or contracted products. To answer your information requests, attention and service.

Additionally, your personal information could be used to offer you new products and/or services according to your interests and needs.

4) What personal information do we obtain and from where?

For the objectives previously established, we can collect your personal information in several ways:

• When you visit our website www.HotelBahiaHuatulco.com or you use our online services.
• Through phone call or fax.
• When you give the information personally at our facilities.
• Through other sources of public access allowed by the law, such as telephone registries or labor registries, external websites, etc.

Personal information that we can collect

- Contact information. This may include name, email, address, telephone, cellphone, fax.

- Identity documentation, such as voting ID, passport, driver’s license, professional ID.

- Financial information and payment methods such as credit card, debit card, checks.

- Fiscal information such as name of the company, Tax ID, fiscal address, email, last 4 digits of your bank account number, payment method and email.

- Identification in Social Media, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Youtube, Vimeo, Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat.

5) How to access, correct, cancel or oppose to the use of your personal information (ARCO rights) or revoke your consent to the use of your information?

You have a constitutional right to access and know the personal information we have and how we use them, as well as correcting them if they are incorrect or incomplete; cancel them and eliminate them when you consider that they are not required for any of the objectives mentioned before; if they are being used for things not authorized by you; if the service already finished, or if you want to oppose to certain uses.

The procedures used for the exercise of your ARCO rights, as well as the terms, information and documentation that your request must have, must be requested in writing to the email hotelbahiahuatulco@hotmail.com

How can you limit the divulgation of your personal information?

If you want to stop receiving messages from the Hotel Bahia Huatulco that are no necessary to provide you with the mentioned services, please send your request to our Personal Data Protection Department, where we will inform you of the needed procedures to do so.

How can I revoke my consent to use my personal information?

If you wish to revoke the consent that you gave us to use your personal information, please send your request to our Personal Data Protection Department, where we will inform you of the needed procedures to do so.

6) Transfer of personal information

Your personal information will not be transferred to third parties or companies. To comply with the objectives established in this Privacy Notice, they might be only transferred to people or companies that have the position of responsible.

7) Modifications to the privacy notice

We keep the right to make any type of modifications or updating to this Privacy Notice, for the compliance of legislative news, internal policies or new requirements for the offering of our services and products.

This modifications will be available to the public in our official website www.HotelBahiaHuatulco.com

Use of cookies

Cookies are a small piece of information automatically sent by our website, which are stored in your browser. This way, our website can consult said information to know the previous activity of the user and speed up some procedures such as keeping your session open or identify which sections of the website you already visited.

Cookies, and other follow-up and tracking technologies can be disabled, however, deactivating them can make the website or some of its functionalities to not work properly.

8) Who can I present my complaints and inquires for the improper use of my personal information to?

If after you exercised your ARCO Rights to Victor Hugo Martínez Orozco through the established procedures in this Privacy Notice, and you consider that the answer given was not satisfactory or incomplete; or if you assume that your right to personal information protection was violated by any conduct or action from us; or if you have evidence that there is any violation to your personal information protection according to the regulation established in the Federal Law for Personal Information Protection in Possession of Particulars, you will be able to present an inquire or a complaint directly to the IFAI. For more information please visit: www.ifai.org.mx

For more information or questions about the Policies of Hotel Bahia, please contact directly to the email: info@hotelbahiahuatulco.com